iBase is dedicated to the provision of innovative solutions to drive efficiency and facilitate reductions in costs whilst improving the level of service provided.

Our solutions can be used in response to government initiatives, programmes and political agendas for local authorities in such areas as the Spending review, National Improvements & Efficiency Strategy, Planning Obligations etc.

Many of our clients in the Public Sector are under increasing pressure from government imperatives to do more with less whilst achieving local policy. There is a common consensus in the Public and Private Sectors, as well as from the general public, that organisations should strive towards Leaner, Cleaner, Safer & Greener methods of operation. This increasing pressure has created the need for innovative technology based solutions.

What We Do
Our portfolio is focused on two distinct groups;



Envirohub is a web-based environmental management suite using cutting edge technology to help streamline existing business processes. The focus is on efficiency gains through smarter mobile/flexible working and keeping your team connected. Designed specifically to bridge the gap between the office and mobile environments, Envirohub offers secure and effective monitoring and inspection tools, coupled with web-based scheduling, administration and reporting functions.  Envirohub solutions typically consist of a web-based reporting & management tool and one or more smartphone (android or Apple) based data collection tools. Envirohub is a software solution aimed at streamlining street scene and environmental services functions.

Transhub - Travel Behaviour and Planning

Travel Behaviour


Transhub solutions have been developed following the success of iTRACE, our travel planning solution which was launched in 2005 and has since evolved into a web-based travel plan/ behaviour monitoring application adopted by 30% of local authorities across the UK.


Who We Are
Since iBase’s inception in 1999 we have built up significant expertise and acquired considerable experience and specialist knowledge, a well establish client base and a proven solution portfolio. We offer end-to-end solutions to our clients which can be deployed quickly with minimal impact. We readily cater to bespoke client requirements, combining an effective formula of technology and innovation to create value for our clients.
iBase comprises a team of dedicated professionals with varied backgrounds covering application and database design, software construction and development, system integration, project management, implementation and technical support in addition to marketing and finance.