NI 195

Based on the acclaimed National Indicator 195

Envirohub NI 195 inspection module is used for the routine monitoring of street cleanliness in your local area. The elements of street cleanliness to be monitored for each transect are cleansing, detritus, graffiti and fly posting.

NI 195 examines street cleanliness from the point of view of a member of the public. Envirohub NI 195 has been designed to automate many of the regular administration tasks involved with the survey, freeing your team to focus on delivering the operational needs of the day.

How Envirohub NI 195 can assist your organisation
Collecting survey results electronically whilst in the field removes the need for transcription and other manual data entry tasks and the wealth of data gathered provides an intimate understanding of how effective your cleansing teams are. This winning combination maximises your productivity and efficiency and provides the best possible value for money to the public. The data collected using our NI 195 module accurately reveals how services are being delivered and highlights areas that require attention. This allows you to focus on those locations which need extra time or resource to maintain the required standards.

The solutions’ practical system for the collection of point of origin data provides comprehensive and robust service intelligence. The readily available performance information and auditing informs your decision making processes and demonstrates progress against targets. Straightforward charts and reports ensure it’s never been easier to share information.

Performance Chart

Performance Chart