Performance Monitoring System

PMS module is designed to assist organisation in monitoring waste management related service provision. The module consists of two licensed applications, Envirohub Web, an internet based data management and reporting tool and Envirohub Mobile, a smartphone (Android and Apple) based inspection tool.

Grade Mapping

Grade Mapping

PMS is a mobile data-collection solution which provides relevant street cleanliness performance information in real-time, to assist managers in improving service delivery, efficiency and transparency.
How Envirohub PMS can assist your organisation
The secure, practical system used by PMS for the collection of data provides comprehensive and robust service
intelligence and the wealth of real time and historical data collected brings true insight to task allocation and management processes.

The PMS solution uses this data to assist managers with the strategic optimisation of resources. Combined with realtime job forwarding to field based officers, Envirohub PMS can help to reduce your cost of operational delivery whilst minimising officer downtime and maximising productivity and efficiency.

The readily available auditing and performance information provided by PMS helps to:

  • inform your decision making processes;
  • accurately reveal how services are being delivered;
  • highlight areas which require attention;
  • demonstrate progress against targets.

This allows you to focus on those locations which need extra time or resource to maintain service levels.
Envirohub’s tiered access levels and data feeds mean it’s never been easier for managers to securely access and share information from anywhere with an internet connection.

All data collected through the application is retained for reporting and future reference.

The map view is used to display performance results for an area (overall) and for each inspection. Each inspection has an associated GPS location:

  • Areas are coloured according to the average grade for litter in the area
  • Pins represent individual inspections, each pin has a pop up panel which displays all of the inspection information. Pins are colour coded according to grade.


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