Containing the details of around 1,000,000 employee travel surveys, we believe that Transhub is the largest source of contemporary sustainable travel related data in the country.

Transhub - Travel behaviour and travel plan Monitoring


Without the facts you can’t influence decision making, prove return on investment, contribute your experience to the industry or publish monitoring data/case studies. Transhub gives you the facts.

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According to the DfT’s Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, “In a world of devolved decision-making - monitoring and evaluation will play an enhanced role.”

Transhub is an Internet based software suite which contains Travel Plan monitoring, reporting and project management tools for both the public and private sector. The tools include customer relationship management, site management, online surveys, reporting and mapping.

The monitoring information Transhub provides, acts as an evidence base on which to build a business case, proving the value of the work already done and providing a robust, auditable record of successes which can be used to source further funding. Transhub allows travel planners to demonstrate the benefit of initiatives in both commercial and behavioural terms. The data can also establish whether or not a development is adhering to its’ planning conditions, opening the door to penalty charges. Providing organisations with a set of professional tools to monitor travel behaviour can be used to justify charging travel plan management fees to developers.