Freight Delivery Service Plans Construction

Our new Delivery and Service Plan module will help where freight, delivery and service trips are the principle source of your CO2, NOx, PM10 and congestion problems.

For many authorities, large and small changing the travel behaviour of the commuting public is not the whole story; often freight and service vehicles represent a significant proportion of the traffic.

Monitoring delivery, collection and service visits to a site has long been difficult, our new Delivery and Service Plan (DSP) module has been designed to address the following points:

  • The need to quantify delivery, servicing and freight movements to larger employers.
  • The issue of delivery impacts along strategic transport corridors.
  • The ability to monitor multiple small sites clustered along corridors.
  • The ability to monitor hotels/guest houses and other tourist related facilities.
  • The issue of high impact businesses have small numbers of staff but generate significant levels of freight and servicing traffic.
  • Stimulate engagement with SME’s by offering a tool kit which records freight and service issues and needs.

Module Overview
The data collection and monitoring process is triggered by the local authority through iTRACE.
Once a site has been created an audit and survey can be requested. A web portal is created automatically to allow access to the tool kit from the site.

The data collection process has the following elements:

• Freight and DSP Site Audit – questions about the site.
• Daily Diary – a record of the details of all delivery, collection and service visits to the site.
• Operator Survey – online questionnaire for the operators.
• Reports/ data export – online reports and CSV formatted data exports.
• Action Plan – an online version of the action plan commonly used with travel plans, maintained by the site, visible to the local authority.