iTRACE for schools offers a range of administrative tools to help with management, reporting, customer relationship management and mapping of travel plan sites.


  • No software to install, just use your web browser from any PC with an Internet connection
  • Secure and central storage of all travel plan site information
  • Provides standardisation and continuity of monitoring, surveying and reporting
  • Quick & easy analysis of individual/group travel plan performance against targets, planning conditions and obligations
  • Electronically stores travel surveys, statistics and documents.
  • Client relationship management; schedule meetings, send emails and add notes for every site and contact
  • Sophisticated mapping and database technology geo-locates sites
  • Creation of an authority-wide system supports evidence based coordinated strategic planning
  • Centralised storage
  • Hosted online
  • Secure access & 100% UK based storage

Travel plan site and contact details, audits, travel surveys, statistics and documents all in one place and always available.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Ability to add Notes to Contacts as a point of reference for team members and build an audit trail.
  • Email selected contacts reducing the need to navigate between different applications.
  • Easier project management with the use of Activities: meetings/appointments, email, to-do’s recorded against a site which can then be added to the Government Officers (GOs) calendar as a reminder.
  • Groups can be created to ease the monitoring of collective performance on specific group of sites e.g. those participating in a cycle initiative or in a particular area.
  • Documents uploaded to a site (Travel Plan, Planning Obligation, Incentive scheme etc.) are securely stored on the iTRACE servers ensuring that they are always accessible.