Workplaces, Health + HE

Designed to monitor the performance of sustainable travel and smarter choices initiatives at workplaces, Health and Higher Education sites

iTRACE offers a range of administrative tools to help with management, surveying, reporting, customer relationship management and mapping of travel plan sites.
No software to install, just use your web browser from any PC with an Internet connection
Secure and central storage of all travel plan site information
Provides standardisation and continuity of monitoring, surveying and reporting
Quick & easy analysis of individual/group travel plan performance against targets, planning conditions and obligations
Travel plan site access to a variety of online or paper based audits, travel surveys and reports
Electronically stores travel plan site audits, personal travel surveys, statistics and documents.
Client relationship management; schedule meetings, send emails and add notes for every site and contact
Sophisticated mapping and database technology geo-locates sites
Creation of an authority-wide system supports evidence based coordinated strategic planning

Centralised storage
Hosted online
Secure access & 100% UK based storage
Travel plan site and contact details, audits, travel surveys, statistics and documents all in one place and always available.